Medieval Art and Architecture in Southern Italy
Organizers: Nino Zchomelidse and Nicola Camerlenghi

CFP: For the first time this series of sessions brings into comprehensive scholarly focus the exceptionally high standard and wide range of artistic and architectural creativity in medieval southern Italy. The overarching aim is to shed light on the importance of the region with an eye to recent developments in medieval art history and medieval studies at large. The specific historical situation of Italy’s southern regions and islands-which were exposed to a long sequence of military invasions, subjected to foreign rulers and centrally positioned within the Mediterranean-resulted in a fascinating, often interconnected, artistic and architectural landscape. Papers raising larger theoretical and historiographic aspects are particularly welcome. This series of sessions at Kalamazoo provides a platform for the different viewpoints and varied aims of the growing number of scholars working on southern Italian medieval art and architecture.

We will host three sessions:
I. Multiethnic and multi-religious environment
II. Mobility and materiality
III. Learning, production and exchange in schools, monasteries and courts

Please submit the following materials to the organizers Nicola Camerlenghi and Nino Zchomelidse
1) a one-page abstract – please specify the session
2) completed participant information form available at the website of the Medieval Congress:
3) one-page CV

Deadline: 15 September 2013

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