The IAS wishes to support the initiative begun by Jeffrey Hamburger to prevent the sale of the DIA collections. Please read his request and follow the link if you wish to sign.

Dear supporters of the petition to prevent the closure of the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin:

I write to ask your support in another cause perhaps even more urgent, the proposal to sell the renowned collections of the Detroit Institute of Art. I would be most … grateful if you would consider signing the following petition asking Mr. Kevyn Duane Orr, emergency manager of the city of Detroit: Prevent sale of works from the Detroit Institute of Arts

As those of you who have followed the fate of the gallery in Berlin will know, such petitions can in fact have a significant impact. Your support for the Berlin petition played a decisive role in forcing a reconsideration of the Stiftung’s plans. We can do the same in Detroit — with your help. Please sign — and please ask your friends and colleagues to sign as well.

Yours sincerely, Jeffrey Hamburger

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