Francesco di Giorgio Martini was baptized on this day in 1439 in Siena.

Francesco di Giorgio Martini was baptized on this day in 1439 in Siena. Francesco worked as an architect, engineer, painter, sculptor, and writer and is widely seen as the most important Sienese artist of the later fifteenth century. Vasari considered him to be second only to Brunelleschi as one of the fathers of Renaissance architecture. In addition to his hometown, he spent time at the courts of Naples, Milan, and Urbino and designed fortifications, palaces, and churches. His treatise on architecture was the first to approach the subject from a practical, rather than theoretical, standpoint and includes numerous illustrations.

Reference: Francesco Paolo Fiore and Pietro C. Marani. “Francesco di Giorgio Martini.” Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. Oxford University Press. .

Further reading: Francesco di Giorgio Martini’s Fortress Complexes by Fritz Barth et al. (2011)

San Bernardino, Urbino, begun ca. 1480-2

Palazzo della Signoria, Jesi, begun 1486. Completed by Andrea Sansovino after 1519.

Design for a Wall Monument, ca. 1490. New York: Robert Lehman Collection, 1975.1.376

Saint Bernardino Preaching from a Pulpit, ca. 1470-75. New York: Robert Lehman Collection, 1975.1.2474

Trattato di architettura, ca. 1470. Turin: Biblioteca Nazionale

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