28 February – 1 March 2014, Saint Louis University, Third International Symposium on Crusade Studies. Plenary Speakers: Adrian Boas, University of Haifa; Christopher Tyerman, Oxford University. World events continue to bring the subject of the Crusades to a place of prominence and importance. This surge of interest comes on the heels of a renaissance in Crusade scholarship that has greatly expanded our understanding of all aspects of the movement. While a western phenomenon, the Crusades also represented an interactive episode in which diverse cultures – western Christian, eastern Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, among others – came into contact, conflict, and collaboration. The International Symposium on Crusade Studies is organized quadrennially by the Crusades Studies Forum at Saint Louis University to explore and inquire into these questions and dynamics. The Symposium provides a venue for scholars to approach the Crusades from many different perspectives, to present the fruits of new research, and to assess the current state of the field. Twenty-minute scholarly papers on all topics related to the crusading movement are welcome Abstracts can be submitted by mail, fax (+1-314-977-1603), email, oronline. Deadline 1 December 2013.

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