New officers, committee members, and other positions are elected annually by the membership.  Candidates must be IAS members in good standing at the time of their nomination; all members, including student members, are eligible for nomination. Officers hold two-year terms; committee members, three. New terms of office begin in February after the annual IAS business meeting at the College Art Association annual conference.

Any member of the IAS in good standing may be nominated or self-nominated to any of the vacancies noted below; membership in the Graduate Student and Emerging Scholars Committee is limited to current graduate students and those who have recently received a graduate degree.  Each nominee must submit a cover letter indicating the position to which s/he is being nominated and a statement of interest in that position as well as a current CV.  A nominee who is interested in more than one position should indicate order of preference.  Deadline: November 1.

Vacancies 2014
Information on duties and responsibilities are included in the IAS By-Laws as well as on the Officers & Committees page.  Please write to the current officer or committee chair for further information on responsibilities, practicalities, and time commitments; contact information may be found in the left-hand pane of this page.

Treasurer (2016)
Secretary (2016)
GSESC Committee (2017; 2 members)
Nominating Committee (2017; 1 member)
Program Committee (2017; 1 member)
Awards Committee (2017; 2 members)
Newsletter Editor (2016)
Webmaster (2016)

Please direct all inquiries and nominations via e-mail to the Nominating Committee Chair.

Officers & Contacts