6-7 June, Turin. International conference sponsored by N.E.V.I.S., NeMLA, Georgetown University, CSU Chico, and The College of New Jersey’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Keynote Speaker: Alessandro Carrera “Cinema and the Aesthetics of the Sublime,” University of Houston. In a world that is made relentlessly more composite and multidimensional, the intersecting of art, cinema, music, and literature can help us re-configure rhythmically and synergetically the dissonant and discrete realities in which we are immersed. The mathematical concept of the intersection or the visual image of a multiple road junction provide us with both a figurative and conceptual framework for the investigation of how our understanding can be solicited intellectually and artistically by boundary crossing, cooperative practices, and kaleidoscopic experiences. Art, literature, music, and cinema in Italy have always pointed towards innovative ways in which to intersect and interact, producing new experiential and epistemological paradigms. Intersections aims at exploring Italy’s imaginative and idiosyncratic collaborations in and between the arts, to reveal how unconventional contacts, exchanges, and relations can implode the limits of the imagination and the creative process, and ultimately expand the horizon of the known and the knowable. Comparative and interdisciplinary analyses pertinent to Italian and Cultural Studies, Film studies and the Arts are welcome and may encompass literature, Italian-American studies, history, art history, philosophy, anthropology, music, political science, religion, gender studies, and any other relevant discipline. Possible topics may include but are not limited to the following:  Music and its Intersection with Culture in Its Various Expressive Forms: (from Nono and Berio to Visconti-Prasca, from Vecchioni and De Andrè to De Gregori and Pino Daniele); Literature: Italian Studies, Post-Modernity, Feminist Theory, Post-Colonial studies and their intersection with cinema, music, the arts but also with politics, cultural practices, and socio-economic phenomena. In addition, theoretical intersections can be drawn from the debate on issues involving Globalization, Global/Local/Glocal; Art: Contemporay trends in art (arte povera, post-structuralism,-post-modernism) as they intersect with music, literature, cinema, architecture, and urban studies; Cinema and its Intersections with Literature, Art and Music: (from Visconti and De Sica, to Fellini, Pasolini, Bolognini, Risi, Rosi, Bene, Olmi and the Taviani brothers, from Salvatores and Costanzo to Martone). Please send an abstract (1-2 paragraphs) to the Organizing Committee by e-mail.

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