“In Collezione” series, no. 2. The Giulio and Anna Paolini Foundation in Turin, Italy, invites researchers and scholars with a graduate (i.e. Master’s and or Ph.D.) degree in art history to submit their application for the writing of a 45,000-60,000-character essay on three works from 1966 by Giulio Paolini titled “+T”, “AB 3” and “Narciso” respectively. The winning proposal will be selected on the basis of a 5,000-character abstract to be sent to the Foundation by 15 April 2014. The competition is open to scholars with a graduate (i.e. Master’s and or Ph.D.) degree in art history. The series examines the 67 works – paintings, sculptures, installations – realized between 1960 and 2011 that currently comprise the Foundation collection. Each volume contains the in-depth study of one work (or the joint study of several related works). The monographic studies, accompanied by illustrations, propose a wide range of investigation: from description to interpretation, from formal aspects to conceptual ones, from the position within Paolini’s research to the contextualization within the art-historical field of their time. The back matter which follows the main text includes the exhibition chronology and bibliography for the work analyzed, as well as any statements by the artist and/or critical commentary. The Foundation is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is the study and mediation of the activities of Giulio Paolini. For details on the competition and the three works in question see the corresponding page in the Foundation website. Deadline: 15 April 2014.

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