The Fondazione Memofonte seeks proposals for a special issue of Studi di Memofonte on Bernard Berenson and his relationship with French culture, due to appear by July 2015. The issue will cover topics such as: Berenson’s relationships with French art historians (Louis Gillet, Jean Alazard, Emile Mâle, Emile Bertaux, René Grousset, Henri Focillon, Salomon Reinach…); Berenson’s relationships with French art collectors and curators (Jacques Seligmann, François Kleinberger, Léonce-Alexandre Rosenberg, René Gimpel…); and Berenson’s relationships with writers and artists asociated with the so-called “renouveau catholique”(Charles Du Bos, Charles Péguy, Georges Bernanos, Maurice Denis, René Piot…). Guest editor of the issue is Monica Preti Hamard (Head of Academic Programs in History of Art at the Louvre Auditorium). Preference will be given to articles based on primary sources (in particular correspondences) and sheding light on interrelations in methodology, taste and interests between Berenson and his French correspondents. The aim is to reconstruct the multifaceted cultural mileiu at the turn of the 20th century, when art criticism, connoisseurship, literature and the art market were closely connected to each other and Bernard Berenson, whose books were translated into French ― played a pivotal role. Titles of proposed papers, together with an abstract of no more than 2,000 characters (including spaces) and a short CV (1,000 characters), should be e-mailed to the journal’s editors. The proposals will be assessed by the Scientific Committee, supplemented by external experts. We expect accepted papers – in English, Italian, or French – to be sent to the editorial board by 28 January 2015 to be further reviewed by the scientific board of «Studi di Memofonte». Each paper should not exceed 35,000 characters, including spaces, and may include up to 10 images at a resolution of 300 dpi. Authors must provide permission to reproduce images subject to copyright. Deadline 15 October 2014.

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