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Any member of the IAS in good standing may be nominated or self-nominated for one or more of our 2015 Officer and Committee Vacancies. Each nominee must submit a a current CV as well as an IAS Nomination Form that includes a statement of interest (150 words max.) indicating the position(s) to which s/he is being nominated.  When you save the form, please include the last name of the nominee as part of the file name. A nominee who is interested in more than one position should indicate order of preference.  Inquiries and nominations should be sent to the Nominating Committee ChairDeadline 15 September.

Information on duties and responsibilities are included in the IAS By-Laws as well as on the Officers & Committees page.  Please write to the current officer or committee chair for further information on responsibilities, practicalities, and time commitments; contact information may be found in the left-hand pane of this page.

Vacancies 2015:

President (2017) — customarily filled by the Executive Vice President
Executive Vice President (2017) — customarily nominated by the President and EVP in conjunction with the Nominating Committee
Vice President for Program Coordination (2017)
Nominating Committee (2018; 3 members)
Program Committee (2018; 1 member)
Social Media Coordinator (2017)

Please direct all nominations and other inquiries via e-mail to the Nominating Committee Chair. If you have difficulty downloading and/or completing the IAS Nomination Form, please contact the Webmaster.

2013 marked the first year that the IAS conducted an on-line vote for officers and committee members.  All members who have paid annual dues will receive an online ballot in early January of the election year. Should you have any problems, please send a query to the IAS President.  Election results are announced at the IAS business meeting at CAA and posted thereafter on our website.  New positions are effective after the close of the CAA business meeting.


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