by Jean Marie Carey on July 18, 2014

CAA has published its lists of Recently Completed Dissertations and Dissertations in Progress for 2013. We encourage all graduate students and recent PhDs to confirm that their dissertations are correctly listed on our pages for Dissertations in Progress and Recent Dissertations. Similarly, we encourage all PhD advisors to check our pages for accuracy regarding their students.

If you would like your or your student’s dissertation listed, please send to the webmaster using the following format: Last name of author, first name of author, “Title of PhD Dissertation in Quotes” (Name of Institution, Advisor’s First Initial and Last Name), year completed. Please identify the subject area(s) according to the following categories: Prehistoric / Etruscan Art; Roman / Late Antique Art; Early Medieval/Romanesque/Gothic Art; Renaissance/Baroque Art; Eighteenth- / Nineteenth-Century Art; or Modern / Contemporary Art. 

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