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Esempi di Architettura (EDA) ​seeks papers for volume 2, no. 1 (2015). Archaeology and Architecture have a common etymological root in the prefix that recalls the ἀρχή but also a profound difference because the first one is discourse about and the second is construction of. The first one observes and describes the past, the second has its aim in the modification towards the future. The archaeological traces of the past reach us not through a temporal continuity but through a break; they appear physically through the “wounds” that are represented by the excavations (see, for this concept: A. Ricci, Attorno alla nuda pietra, Donzelli, Roma 2006) determining another interruption, this time morphological, in a territorial or urban continuity. On the other side, cities we live in are the point of accumulation of the historical time in a physical space: both in some ways definable as continuous. The next number of EDA is dedicated to Urban archaeology, a issue in the issue: what happen and how can we work, also with the project, when archaeology emerges as a fragment or piece within a defined urban fabric? What are the horizons of meaning that it can assume? What kind of project should be able to re-entering it into an alive urban dynamic? The EDA number will try to answer to these questions and is open to new possible questionings from different disciplinary points of view, including theoretical reflections, projects, research experiences. Editor: Federica Visconti, University of Naples “Federico II.” Click here to see the full call for papers.​ Please send your submission by e-mailDeadline 30 March.

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