All members who have paid annual dues will receive an online ballot via email on 16 January 2015 at 9 am (CST). If you have not renewed for 2015, please do so now to ensure receipt of the 2015 ballot. The election will be open through 30 January 2015 at 5 pm (CST). Should you have any problems, please send a query to the IAS President.  Election results are announced at the IAS business meeting at CAA and posted thereafter on our website. Deadline 15 January 2015.

Nominees 2015

President (2017)
Sheryl E. Reiss

Affiliations: Executive Vice President, Italian Art Society (since 2013)/Nominating Committee Chair (2012-13), IAS/Independent scholar/Past Editor member for 24 years/Held teaching positions at Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, Cornell University, University of California, Riverside, and the University of Southern California.

Academic, Research, and/or Teaching Interests: Renaissance art patronage and collection; Raphael; Medici family; Women and gender; Commemoration and funerary art.

Statement of Interest: I am an historian of Italian Renaissance art with particular interest in the history of patronage. I have been an active member of the Italian Art Society since 1990, serving on the Nominating Committee for three years as member and two years as chair. Since February of 2013 I have served as IAS Executive Vice President, chairing an ad hoc committee on membership, outreach and development (now an IAS standing committee) and working on revisions to the bylaws. I welcome the opportunity to serve as President of the IAS in an exciting time of significantly increasing membership and visibility at conferences, broader outreach to scholars working in all areas of Italian art, cooperation with other cultural organizations, and increasing opportunities for the funding of research and travel for our members. I especially look forward to preparations for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Italian Art Society in 2017.

Executive Vice President (2017)
Anne Leader

Affiliations: Webmaster, Italian Art Society (since 2012)/Editor of the IAS Blog (from 2013)/ Independent scholar/ Held teaching positions at the University of New Hampshire, Kean University, The City College of New York, and SCAD Atlanta.

Academic, Research, and/or Teaching Interests: Florence; Burial and commemoration; Devotional art; Monasticism and the arts; Workshop practice.

Statement of Interest: The IAS has recently enjoyed tremendous growth in membership, diversity, conference participation, and opportunities for members. I look forward to working with the board and committees to continue our outreach to members and prospective members, especially in underrepresented specialties beyond medieval and Renaissance art and architecture. Serving as Webmaster since 2012 and IASblog editor since 2013 has given me an intimate understanding of the thoughtful planning and diligent work that makes the IAS a vibrant organization. As our membership continues to grow (it is now more than 400) and diversify, I welcome the opportunity to help maintain and expand our strong program of sponsored conference sessions (now at six international meetings), our new initiative to host receptions at these conferences, our robust competitions for travel and research grants, and our outreach to members and potential members through our newsletter, website, and social media.

Social Media Coordinator (2017)
Heather Graham 

Affiliations: Social Media Coordinator, Italian Art Society (since 2011)/Independent Scholar/PhD, Art History, UCLA 2010.

Academic, Research, and/or Teaching Interests: Italian Renaissance art; Gender studies; History of emotions; History of the body; History of religion.

Statement of Interest: I have held the position of Social Media Coordinator (SMC) since 2011. In that time the position has developed from management of the IAS Facebook page only to include management of the IAS and Twitter accounts. I have experience working with all three social media outlets and am continuously learning to adapt to the developing technology. All function as sites for facilitating connections between IAS members and disseminating important information about the IAS and other Italian art related opportunities and events. It is the SMC’s responsibility to maintain regular updates to these outlets and to ensure that appropriate and timely information is shared. Social media is a direct extension of the Society’s aim to promote scholarly exchange. I see these outlets as key to realizing my vision for the IAS as THE forum for collegial academic interaction between scholars of Italian art, from graduate students to senior scholars.

Nominating Committee (2018; select 3)
Cristelle Baskins  

Affiliations: Associate Professor of Art History, Tufts University/former Chair, Department of Art and Art History, Tufts University.

Academic, Research, and/or Teaching Interests: Italian Renaissance and Baroque art; Mediterranean studies; Secular Painting and Narrative; Gender and Women’s Studies.

Statement of Interest: With over 25 years in academia, I have a broad understanding of Renaissance studies and know — at least by name — the scholars who work in various subfields. I should be able to generate nominations to keep committees working at full strength and effectiveness.

Esperanca Camara 

Affiliations: Programs Committee, IAS, since 2012/Associate Professor of Art History, University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Academic, Research, and/or Teaching Interests: Cult of the Rosary; Artistic patronage of confraternities; Post-Tridentine art; Italian Renaissance and Baroque art.

Statement of Interest: Serving on IAS’s programming committee for the past two years has enabled me to use my scholarly judgment and editorial skills in service to my profession. It has also helped me to stay abreast of current trends in the scholarship on Italian art, participate in the peer review process, and contribute to the creation of strong IAS-sponsored sessions. At the present time, I wish to continue my involvement in the IAS by contributing to the work of the nomination committee. As IAS continues to grow and becomes a leading organization in the field, strong leadership will continue to be essential to its success. The nomination committee plays a role in this by ensuring that committee and officer positions are effectively filled. I would be happy to support the organization by serving on this committee.  

Sharon Hecker 

Affiliations: Curator, Medardo Rosso: Bambino ebreo, Peter Freeman Inc., New York, 2014/Academic Dean and Adjunct Professor, IES Abroad, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, 2006-2012.

Academic, Research, and/or Teaching Interests: Modern and contemporary Italian art and culture; Medardo Rosso; Ceramic art of Luciano Fabro; Arte Povera.

Statement of Interest: I specialize in Modern and Contemporary Italian Art and Visual Culture. I have published extensively on Medardo Rosso, including Medardo Rosso: Second Impressions, an exhibition at Harvard University’s Sackler Gallery (catalogue Yale University Press, 2004). I am currently completing a critical monograph on Rosso. I have also published on Lucio Fontana’s postwar ceramic production in Oxford Art Journal and on Arte Povera’s Luciano Fabro in publications such as Oxford Art Journal. This year, I have organized a Scholar’s Symposium, “Medardo Rosso: Bambino ebreo,” at the Center for Italian Modern Art (CIMA) (October 30 2014) and am co-organizing “Untying the Knot: The State of Postwar Italian Art History Study Day” (co-sponsored by IAS) at the Center for Italian Modern Art (CIMA) February 9-10, 2015.

Ann Marie Yasin 

Affiliations: Associate Professor of Classics and Art History, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Academic, Research, and/or Teaching Interests: Roman and Late Antique material culture; Sacred space; Social lives of Ancient/Late Antique objects and buildings.

Statement of Interest: I am deeply committed to promoting humanistic and historical inquiry and to integrating the ancient and medieval world within broader scholarly discussions of material and visual culture. In this vein, as a member of the IAS Nominating Committee I would work to encourage the participation of a diverse community of scholars whose work spans the long history of art and architecture in Italy and its connections to wider networks of cultural production. I am a strong advocate for graduate student research, mentoring and professional opportunities and have held multiple terms as Director of Graduate Study (in Classics, 2009-11; in Art History, 2013-present). My work advancing the field also includes serving on the Governing Board of the Byzantine Studies Association of North America (2007-11), on the Editorial Board of the journal Classical Antiquity (2008-present), and as Associate Editor for early Christian and Byzantine architecture for the Cambridge World History of Religious Architecture.

Program Committee (2018; select 1)
Douglas Dow  

Affiliations: Associate Professor of Art History-Kansas State University.

Academic, Research, and/or Teaching Interests: Late Sixteenth-Century art and architecture; Confraternities; Corporate and non-elite patronage; Tuscan painting and religious reform; Historiography of Tuscan painting.

Statement of Interest: I have been a member of IAS for quite some time (my first meeting was at Kalamazoo), and I am inspired by the advances that the group has made in the last 6-8 years. As a result, I am eager to take a position on the Program Committee, where I would be able to contribute to the process of shaping the focus and public face of the society as presented at conferences. If elected, I would continue the group’s efforts to increase IAS membership (and especially to include those outside of medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque) by championing sessions to attract scholars of Italian Art from other periods. The IAS has done an excellent job of expanding its presence on the web and at scholarly conferences, and I would like to contribute to those efforts by continuing the good work of the Program Committee.

Lindsay Harris  

Affiliations: Andrew W. Mellon Professor in Charge, American Academy in Rome/previously National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

Academic, Research, and/or Teaching Interests: Italian modern art, architecture, and photography; History of Photography; Modern art and architecture in Europe and the United States.

Statement of Interest: As a scholar of modern Italian art and architecture who focuses on the history of photography, I am eager to help advance the mission of the Italian Art Society and expand awareness of this association among new audiences. By bringing together scholars who work on different media and time periods, IAS conferences provide a vital incubator for new thinking about Italian art and culture. My expertise in Italian modern art, particularly the history of photography in Italy, and my experience working in a dynamic community of scholars and artists, have prepared me to serve the IAS in this important role. At the American Academy in Rome, I have organized numerous conferences on a host of topics in Italian culture. I am eager to raise the profile of the IAS among scholars of photography in Italy, a growing field with much new insight to offer to the study of art history.

Lila Elizabeth Yawn  

Affiliations: Assistant Professor of Art History, John Cabot University, Rome/Arts and Humanities Advisor, American Academy in Rome/ Co-director and instructor, Summer Institute in Art History, Rutgers University in Rome.

Academic, Research, and/or Teaching Interests: Medieval Rome-painting, mosaics, architecture, state of the city; Illuminated manuscripts in Italy, 10th-12th centuries; Impact on art, architecture, and book production of medieval schisms, wars, and environmental change; Evocations and conceptions of the Middle Ages, 1920s-present; Material and conceptual afterlives of Roman antiquities, in particular the Colosseum; Images of Roman Triumph.

Statement of Interest: As a teacher at an international college in Rome, I have a special interest in building bridges between Italian and American scholarship, especially their different but complementary emphases and methodologies. My qualifications for the IAS Programs Committee include sixteen years of professional educational events and conference planning in Italy, including two recent international colloquia on medieval schisms and the upcoming conference “Concilium Lateranense IV: Commemorating the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215.” My ongoing work as an Arts and Humanities Advisor at the American Academy in Rome also helps me stay abreast of the latest developments in scholarship on Italian art and culture on both sides of the Atlantic.

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