Painter Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo died 14 June 1907.

By Alexis Culotta

Painter Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo died 14 June 1907. a native of the Piedmontese town of Volpedo, as his name suggests, Pellizza da Volpedo was associated with the Neo-Impressionist movement. He is noteworthy for his championing of the painterly technique of Divisionism, which, similar to Pointillism, involves the careful juxtaposition of small dashes or dabs of color to build form. One of his most celebrated paintings is the monumental Il Quarto Stato (The Fourth State) from 1901, which symbolically celebrates the new liberties afforded the Italian working class.

The Fourth State (Il Quarto Stato), 1901, Commune di Milano.

Broken Flower, 1896-1902, Musée d’Orsay. No. RF 1977 281, LUX 657, JdeP 289.

Passagiata Amorosa, 1901 Ascoli Piceno, Pinacoteca Civica.

The Mirror of Life, 1895-1898.

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