By Alexis Culotta

Today marks two weeks into the Louvre-Lens Museum’s summer exhibition: Gold and Ivory: Paris, Pisa, Florence 1250-1302.” Celebrating the artistic conversation shared between France and Tuscany in the late 13th- to early 14th centuries, the exhibition features a fantastic range of stained glass, ivories, manuscript pages, and larger sculptural works that reflect the remarkable ingenuity of artists working during this time. Exhibition runs through 28 September 2015. 

Anonymous, Descent from the Cross, c. 1270-1280, Louvre Museum

Jean de Chelles, Head of a Wise Man, c. 1250-1258, Cluny Museum – Musée National du Moyen Âge

Workshop of Nicola Pisano, Group of Three Apostles (Sts. Peter, Paul and John)c. 1270, Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum no. 5797-1859.

Anonymous, Childebert Receives Saint Germanus, c. 1240-1245, Victorian and Albert Museum. Museum no. 5461-185.

Giovanni Pisano, The Crucified Christ, c. 1290-1300, Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum no. 212:1 to 3-1867.


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