Painter Paolo Anesi was born 9 July 1679.

By Alexis R. Culotta

Painter Paolo Anesi was born 9 July 1679. He worked between Florence and Rome and specialized in landscape painting, favoring the incorporation of classical themes and ruins akin to the work of contemporary Giovanni Paolo Panini. He was also known to have collaborated with Andrea Lucatelli, a fellow landscape painter, while in Rome. He is also known for his prints series and his drawings, several of which are including in the Uffizi Gabinetto die Disegni

Reference: “Anesi, Paolo,” by Evelin Borea. Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani Vol. 3 (1961).

Landscape of Rome with the Ponte Sisto. Private Collection. 

View of the Roman Countryside. Private Collection. 

View of the Temple of Minvera Medica (Nymphaeum) and an Aqueduct. Private Collection.

Clavicord decorated by Paolo Anesi. Private Collection. 


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