By Adriana Baranello

Alpinist and photographer Vittorio Sella died on 12 August 1943. Sella climbed and photographed some of the world’s most perilous peaks, many for the first time. Sella photographed on four continents, and in all seasons of the year, despite the cumbersome nature of early photography equipment. Sella’s series of mountain photos are, to this day, considered by mountaineers and photographers to be the greatest photos of their type ever taken.

“Frozen in Time: Vittorio Sella.” The Telegraph.

Cervino from Col d’Hérens, 26 July 1885. Sepia-toned silver gelatine print. Fondazione Sella, Biella.

Siniolchu from the Zemu Glacier, 1899. Silver gelatine print. Fondazione Sella, Biella.

Ice caves above the Märjelen glacial lake on the Aletsch Glacier, 22 July 1884. Silver gelatine print. Fondazione Sella, Biella.

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