Finally some good news about the theft at Verona Museum: 12 people were arrested last week by the Italian police for the November robbery at the Castelvecchio Museum. Nine of the suspects were arrested in Moldova, while the rest were arrested in Italy. One of them was identified as the security guard on duty, according to Il Giornale dell’arte.

Surveillance footage captured the armed thieves in action, finding their way into the museum and removing the carefully chosen artworks before escaping. The stolen paintings, which include works by Pisanello, Jacopo Bellini, Mantegna, and Tintoretto, are still missing. Investigators have located them in Moldova and are in the process of recovering them.

Thieves stealing Pisanello’s Madonna of the Quail.

Jacopo Bellini, Penitent St. Jerome in the Desert. 

 Andrea Mantegna, Holy Family with Saints. 

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