By Adriana Baranello

Florentine artist Marisa Mori was born 9 March 1900 to Mario Lurini and Edmea Bernini, a direct descendant of the celebrate Renaissance sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Mori’s husband, whose surname she used to sign her works was the noted poet and journalist Mario Mori.

Mori trained for a number of years with Felice Casorati, and his influence is clear in her works, especially the self-portrait above (image 3). In the late 1920s Mori aligned herself with Futurism, until Marinetti’s failure to adequately condemn the Leggi Raziali in 1938. While a member of the movement, she produced a number of the best works of Aeropainting, including a triptych that won high honors in the 1932 Futurist competition in La Spezia.


Francesco Santaniello, “Mori, Marisa,” in Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani, Vol 76 (2012),

The physical exaltation of motherhood, c. 1930s, oil on canvas.

Photo of Marisa Mori, c. 1930s.

Self-Portrait in Blue, c. 1929, oil on Canvas, Artists’ Portraits Collection, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence.

Aeropittura II: Il ritorno degli Atlantici, 1934, oil on canvas

Mori with F. T. Marinetti, c.1929-1932.

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