On 11 May, the Italian Culture Ministry announced the retrieval of 17 Old Master paintings stolen from the Museo di Castelvecchio in Verona last November. The paintings — including works by Tintoretto, Mantegna, Rubens and Pisanello — will soon be returned to the museum.

The retrieved works include (* pictured above):

  1. Madonna of the Quail by Pisanello*
  2. Penitent St. Jerome in the Desert by Jacopo Bellini*
  3. Holy Family with Saints by Andrea Mantegna*
  4. Portrait of a youth Holding a Child’s Drawing by Giovanni Francesco Caroto*
  5. Portrait of a young Benedictine by Giovanni Francesco Caroto*
  6. Nursing Madonna by Jacopo Tintoretto*
  7. Transporting the Ark of the Covenant by Jacopo Tintoretto
  8. Banquet of Baltassar by Jacopo Tintoretto
  9. Samson by Jacopo Tintoretto
  10. Judgment of Solomon by Jacopo Tintoretto*
  11. Portrait of a Man by follower of Jacopo Tintoretto
  12. Portrait of a Venetian by Workshop of Domenico Tintoretto*
  13. Portrait of Marco Pasqualigo by Domenico Tintoretto
  14. Portrait of a Woman by Peter Paul Rubens*
  15. Sea port by Hans de Jode
  16. Landscape by Hans de Jode
  17. Portrait of Girolamo Pompei by Giovanni Benini

Source: The Art Newspaper

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