Happy Anniversary IASblog, born three years ago today!

Happy Anniversary IASblog, born three years ago today! More than 2,100 posts and 8,700 followers later, the Italian Art Society thanks its readers for their interest and support. 

As the incoming editor for IASblog, I wanted to extend a personal thank you to our readers. The fact that our followers have grown exponentially this past year further fuels our dedication to posting daily details on all Italian art related topics.

I also wanted to express my greatest thanks to our former editor and blog creator, Anne Leader, as well as our outgoing staff writers Adriana Baranello and Martina Tanga, all of whom were crucial contributors to IASblog’s compelling feed. 

Finally, I wish to share my excitement for our incoming team of staff writers – stay tuned for a post dedicated to them tomorrow – who officially join our veteran writers, Costanza Beltrami and Martina Bollini, today as part of the 2016-2017 IASblog staff. Their new voices along with their respective expertise hold the promise of another wonderful year of blog posts ahead. 

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Want to write for us? Use our Submit Button, and allow 5-7 days for editing and posting. Posts should be 100-300 words and may include up to 10 images with captions that include artist, title, date, and location. Use hyperlinks to source material and/or further reading on the topic. Popular posts include topics that are linked to a specific day. You can also send text and images by email to our blog editor. Include your name and affiliation as well as a URL for your personal/professional website.

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