3: The three churches at Tre Chiese, South Tyrol

Tre Chiese, also known by its German name Dreikirchen, is a group of three small churches between the villages of Barbiano and Villandro, in the province of Bolzano at the extreme north of Italy.

Probably constructed on a pagan religious site, the three churches are surprisingly close together, almost forming a single religious complex. The oldest is the church of Santa Geltrude, first documented in the 13thcentury. The churches of San Nicola and Santa Magdalena date to the fifteenth century. Late-gothic statues, altarpieces and fresco fragments survive in the churches, which can only be reached by walking half an hour through the region’s verdant alpine landscape.

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By Costanza Beltrami

Tre Chiese in a 1996 postcard. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Tre Chiese today. Photo: Oliver Abels on Wikimedia Commons.

Interior view of the church of Santa Magdalena. Photo: Wolfgang Moroder on Wikimedia Commons.

Interior view of the church of Santa Geltrude. Photo: Llorenzi on Wikimedia Commons.

Interior view of the church of San Nicola. Photo: Llorenzi on Wikimedia Commons.

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