By Ioannis Tzortzakakis

Luca Longhi (1507 – 1580) was born in Ravenna on 14 January 1507 by Francesco and Antonia from Cunio. We know very little about his artistic training. It is assumed he attended at an early age the workshop of Francis Zaganelli, and then of his brother Bernardino Zaganelli.

According to Giorgio Vasari, who visited Ravenna in 1548: “Master Luca de’ Longhi, is a man of good nature, quiet and scholar, has done in his homeland Ravenna, and outside, many beautiful oil pictures and portraits; […] He has done and still works with patience and study.”

His marriage to Elizabeth, in 1531, brought two offspring: Francesco (1544-1618) and Barbara (1552-1638); also artists.

Luca’s work can be seen in several galleries of great national and international importance, including Milan, Rome, Vienna, Dresden, Bucharest, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Persona ritratta: possibly Giulia Farnese

The Holy Family with Saints, c.1530, oil on panel, Ulster Museum.

The Madonna and Child with the Infant John the Baptist in a Landscape, c.1525/1549, oil on panel, National Trust, Scotney Castle.

Madonna and Child with Saint Catherine of alexandria, National Trust, Scotney Castle.

The Holy Family and St. Stephen, c. 1560, Oil on canvas, Nivaagaards Malerisamling, Denmark.

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