By Ioannis Tzortzakakis

Neoclassical architect of Swiss origin Simone Cantoni was born on 2 September 1739 in Mendrisio, Ticino. Born to a family of architects and engineers, his education started from his father Peter Cantoni. Later, he went to Rome to join the studio of Luigi Vanvitelli and there met the Neapolitan Francesco Lavega. Cantoni and Lavega measured and copied monuments of the eternal city. His friendship with Lavega then continued, as their frequent and lively correspondence can reveal. 

He was admitted in the Accademia di Belle arti di Parma, where he was influenced by Ennemond Alexandre Petitot. He worked extensively in Northern Italy; Genoa, Milan, Gorgonzola, Bergamo, Como, and in Brianza. He died in Gorgonzola (Milan), 18 March 1818. At that time he was restoring the house of his family and the local church in Muggio, Brescia.

Further reading:

Cesare Rodi (1973) Simone Cantoni: Architetto, Como: Edito Dal Banco Lariano.

Portrait of Simone Cantoni.

Manuscript of Simone Cantoni,

Palazzo Ducale, Genoa.

Palazzo Mellerio in Corso di Porta Romana, Milan.

Palazzo Medolago, Bergamo.

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