by Rachel Hiser Remmes

Visit the Princeton University Art Museum to experience a rich collection of Italian art in the United States. The Ancient, Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance and Neoclassical works date as far back as the Fourth Century B.C.E and into the Eighteenth Century C.E. A few works of particular note include a study of The Death of Socrates, a Sienese tempera on wood, featuring The Annunciation, and a polychrome Pyxis. Search their collection on the website for more information.

South Italian, Sicilian, Polychrome Pyxis, Female Musicians and Dancers, ca. 300–250 B.C., Ceramic.

Guido da Siena, Italian, active 1262–1270s, Annunciation, Late 13th century, Tempera on wood panel.

Collar, 17th century, Red velvet.

Laocoon, 16th–17th century, Terracotta.

Desco da Parto: The Garden of Youth, ca. 1430, Florence, Tempera on wood panel.

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