by Rachel Hiser Remmes

St. Dorothy died on February 6, 311 C.E. She was an Early Christian virgin, who was martyred in Caesarea in Cappadocia for refusing to worship pagan gods. Although little is known about her, her iconography has developed around her hagiography and martyrology. On her way to her death she was confronted by a lawyer, Theophilus, who accosted her for her beliefs. After asking her to send him fruits and flowers when she got to heaven, a young boy showed up with fruits and flowers in the middle of winter. Thereafter, the standard iconography for the saint includes her holding a basket with fruits and flowers. 

Antiveduto Gramatica, St. Dorothy, late 16th–early 17th century. oil on canvas.

Tiziano Vecellio (Studio of Titian)Virgin and Child, with Saint Dorothy, 1530-40, oil on canvas.

Saint Dorothy, Francisco De Zubaran, 1640-50.

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