Call for IAS-Organized Session Proposals
American Association for Italian Studies (AAIS) 2021
28 May – 6 June 2021 (virtual)

The Italian Art Society (IAS) seeks proposals for IAS-organized sessions at the annual meeting of the American Association of Italian Studies (AAIS).

In keeping with the mission of the AAIS, sessions that approach Italian Studies through interdisciplinary lenses and represent a range of interests and time periods are particularly welcome. Topics that are broadly conceived to also include architecture, cinema, mass media, etc., are of special interest. In recognition of the format, we welcome exploration of intersections between Italian Studies and the digital humanities. Further, linking to the Association’s efforts to adopt a greater pro-active position regarding racial injustice, we particularly welcome interventions that address questions of antiracism and decoloniality.

IAS members interested in putting together a panel should submit the following items:
• session title
• abstract (100 words max.), to be forwarded to the AAIS in the event of selection
• short list of potential or confirmed speakers
• longer text (up to one page) contextualizing the proposal; this includes explaining the relevance/importance of the session and the related expertise of the organizer(s) and speakers
• brief CV (1–3 pp)
Send materials by 12 February 2021 to
Online submission form here

Additional conference-specific guidelines, including AAIS membership requirements, are available here.

Submit Session Proposals to IAS: 12 February 2021
Submit Session Proposals to AAIS: 15 February 2021
Recorded Sessions to AAIS: 9 May 2021

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