New IAS Officers for 2021

We’d like to thank our members for voting in our annual elections, and to announce that the slate has been approved.

Please welcome our new officers and committee members:
President: Sarah Wilkins
Executive Vice President: Tenley Bick
Vice President for Programming: Cristelle Baskins (1-year term extension)
Treasurer: Antje Gamble
Secretary: Bradley Cavallo
Webmaster: Melissa Yuen
IAS Blog Editor: Sam Hughes
Membership, Outreach and Development Co-Chairs: Katie Brown and Nicola Camerlenghi
Nominating Committee Chair: Sarah Cantor
Nominating Committee Members: Lucia Colombari, Francesca Fiorani, and Gilbert Jones
Emerging Scholars Committee Chair: Rebecca Howard
Emerging Scholars Committee Member: Linda M. Mueller
Program Committee Member: Janis Elliott

Thank you so much to our outgoing officers and committee members for your service!

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