We’d like to thank our members for voting in our annual elections, and to announce that the slate has been approved.

Please welcome our new officers and committee members:
President: Sarah Wilkins
Executive Vice President: Tenley Bick
Vice President for Programming: Cristelle Baskins (1-year term extension)
Treasurer: Antje Gamble
Secretary: Bradley Cavallo
Webmaster: Melissa Yuen
IAS Blog Editor: Sam Hughes
Membership, Outreach and Development Co-Chairs: Katie Brown and Nicola Camerlenghi
Nominating Committee Chair: Sarah Cantor
Nominating Committee Members: Lucia Colombari, Francesca Fiorani, and Gilbert Jones
Emerging Scholars Committee Chair: Rebecca Howard
Emerging Scholars Committee Member: Linda M. Mueller
Program Committee Member: Janis Elliott

Thank you so much to our outgoing officers and committee members for your service!

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