Images: Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Allegory of Summer, 1572, oil on canvas, Denver Art Museum. Wikimedia Commons.

Jacopo Tintoretto, Summer, c.1546-1548, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Art Washington D.C. Samuel H, Kress Collection. © 2019 National Gallery of Art.

Giuseppe Colignon, Allegory of Summer, 1814, fresco, Sala di Prometeo, Palazzo Pitti, Florence. Wikimedia Commons.

Giorgio Vasari, Two Putti: An Allegory of Summer, 16th century, oil on panel, private collection. Wikimedia Commons. 

Giovanni Caccini, Allegorical Figure of Summer, 1608, marble, Ponte Santa Trinita, Florence. Wikimedia Commons.

Andrea Casali, Allegory of Summer, 1755-1766, oil on canvas, The Holburne Museum of Art, London. Wikimedia Commons.

Anonymous, Allegory of Summer, 12th century, marble, Duomo, Fidenza, Provincia di Parma. Wikimedia Commons.

Michelangelo Cerquozzi, Allegory of Summer, between 1620 and 1660, oil on copper, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Wikimedia Commons.  

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