51st International Congress on Medieval Studies, 12-15 May 2016

2016 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 12-15 

On Friday 13 May 2016, the IAS held a reception at the International Congress of Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo from 5:15 to 6:45 pm in Room 1005 of the Fetzer Center. More information.

The IAS sponsored two sessions on the theme of New Perspectives on Medieval Rome. See the flyer.

Organizers: Marius B. Hauknes, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University; Alison Locke Perchuk, Assistant Professor of Art History, California State University Channel Islands

Digital, environmental, material, Mediterranean, sensory, spatial: these are among the recent “turns” taken by the medieval humanities, including art history. The new perspectives on the past opened by these approaches, many of which are informed by interdisciplinary research and contemporary cultural interests in the natural and built world, are fundamentally reshaping how we conceive of and study medieval art and architecture. In the field of medieval art, the city of Rome has traditionally been a key site for the formulation of innovative avenues of approach, but what are its current status and its potential in relation to the discipline’s new discourses? These two linked sessions seek to assess the impact of recent methodological developments on the study of the art, architecture, and urban forms of Rome during the long middle ages, ca. 300–1500.

New Perspectives on Medieval Rome, I
Presider: Alison Locke Perchuk, California State University Channel Islands
Friday, May 13, 1:30 PM in Fetzer 1010

Alison Locke Perchuk, opening remarks

Catherine Carver, University of Michigan, “Bound By Nolli? Cartography and Mapping Medieval Rome” Read abstract

Hendrik Dey, Hunter College/CUNY, “Porticoes and Papal Ceremony at Rome: The Via Triumphalis in the Middle Ages” Read abstract

John Lansdowne, Princeton University, “Image in Fragments: The Mosaic Man of Sorrows at Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome” Read abstract

New Perspectives on Medieval Rome, II
Presider: Marius Hauknes, Johns Hopkins University
Friday, May 13, 3:00 PM in Fetzer 2020

Giuseppa Zanichelli, Università di Salerno, “Female Patronage in Rome in the Eleventh Century” Read abstract

Angelica Federici, Cambridge University, “Female Religious Patronage in Late Medieval Rome, ca. 1200–1400” Read abstract

Christiane Elster, Bibliotheca Hertziana, “Papal Textile Gifts in the Late Thirteenth Century—Objects, Actors, Functions” Read abstract

Erik Inglis, Oberlin College, “Art Historical Experience in Medieval Rome” Read abstract

Marius Hauknes, concluding remarks