48th International Congress on Medieval Studies (2013)

48th International Congress on Medieval Studies
University of Western Michigan, Kalamazoo MI, May 9-12, 2013

Italian Art Society Business Meeting
The IAS hosted its 2013 Business Meeting on Friday, May 10 at 12:00PM in Fetzer 2030. Click here to see the agenda.

Ruptures in Medieval Italian Art and Architecture I-IV
Organizer: Martina Bagnoli, Walters Art Museum

Whether moving forwards by leaps and bounds or coming to a screeching halt, the long path of Italian medieval art includes instances of back tacking, progression and return, revival and innovation. These sessions present papers that investigate art and architecture created at moments of rupture with tradition, with accepted norms or forms, with conventions or with anticipated developments. Common ruptures include but are not limited to iconoclasms, proto-renaissances, Church schisms, heresies and reforms, civil strife, crusades and the Black Death. To be sure, rupture is in the eye of the beholder: an egregious instance of it may, for others, constitute continuity. These panels focus on the people, events, ideas, and forms that in one way or another broke with the prevailing course of the arts in medieval Italy.

Ruptures in Italian Medieval Art and Architecture I: Ruptures in Historiography
Friday, May 10, 1:30PM, Fetzer 2030
Presider: Linda Safran, Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies

Ruptured Historiography: The Case of Italian Romanesque Sculpture
Dorothy F. Glass, University at Buffalo

A Case of Mistaken Identity: An Historiographical Rupture
Janis Elliot, Texas Tech University

Brunelleschian Rupture or Historiographic Rapture?
Nick Camerlenghi, University of Oregon

Ruptures in Italian Medieval Art and Architecture II: Ruptures in Architecture
Friday, May 10, 3:30PM, Fetzer 2030
Presider: Catherine Carver McCurrach, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

The Anti-Architecture of Francis of Assisi
Gregory Caicco, Art Institute of Pittsburgh/DePaul University/University of Phoenix

Santa Maria Novella and the Birth of Gothic Structural Thinking in Florence
Elizabeth B. Smith, Pennsylvania State University

The Church of Santo Stefano in Verona and the Problem of Veronese Romanesque Architectural Style
Meredith Fluke, Columbia University

Stained Glass and the Long Path of Italian Medieval Art
Nancy M. Thompson, St. Olaf College

Ruptures in Italian Medieval Art and Architecture III: Ruptures in Forms I
Saturday, May 11, 1:30 PM, Fetzer 1010
Presider: Cathleen A. Fleck, St. Louis University

After the Fall of Acre: Siena and Images of the Virgin around the Adriatic
Rebecca W. Corrie, Bates College

Pacino di Bonaguida: Artistic Innovator in the Time of Giotto
Christine Sciacca, J. Paul Getty Museum

Crucifixi Dolorosi: A Violent Break in Late Medieval Italian Crucifixion Imagery
Meredith D. Raucher, The Johns Hopkins University

Ruptures in Italian Medieval Art and Architecture IV: Ruptures in Forms II
Saturday, May 11, 3:30PM, Fetzer 1010
Presider: Rebecca W. Corrie, Bates College

Continuity of Devotion: A “Crusader” Psalter in the Thirteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
Cathleen A. Fleck, St. Louis University

Stylistic Dialogue and Millenarianism in the Painted Life of Saint Benedict: Signorelli and Sodoma at Monte Oliveto Maggiore, 1497–ca. 1508
Katherine T. Brown, Walsh University

Giotto for Lawyers: Assimilation and Disruption of Giotto’s New Realism in Bolognese Legal Illustrations of the First Half of the Fourteenth Century
Gianluca Del Monaco, UniversitĂ  di Bologna

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