IAS/Kress Lecture Series

10th Annual IAS/Kress Lecture in Milan, Italy

Timothy McCall
Villanova University

“‘No Great Sin in a Lord’: Galeazzo Maria Sforza
and the Materiality of Lordship in Renaissance Milan”

Giovedì, 23 maggio 2019, 17.00
Thursday, May 23, 2019, 5 pm
Sala della Passione, Pinacoteca di Brera, via Brera 28, Milano

Galeazzo Maria Sforza’s myriad, splendid garments and adornments materialized courtliness and aristocratic status. Their display was a potent ideological tool wielded by signori to legitimize authority and naturalize hegemony for subjects. As Bernardino Corio asserted, Galeazzo’s court was “one of the most resplendent in the Universe” and truly “splendid beyond measure.” This talk explores the ways that the display and expenditure required to make it so not only fundamentally constituted this duke of Milan’s power, but equally precipitated his downfall.

Timothy McCall is Associate Professor of Art History, and director of the Art History Program, at Villanova University. Hs research centers on Italian Renaissance court art and society, and on visual intersections of power and gender (particularly masculinity) more broadly, in addition to histories of fashion and material culture.



2013 IAS/Kress Lecture, Fondazione Marco Besso, Rome. Photo Credit: Olga Posazhennikova.

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