Archivio di Stato di Venezia

by Jean Marie Carey on June 12, 2012

Campo dei Frari
San Polo, 3002 – 30125
+39 041 5222281

Visiting Hours: The reading room is open Monday through Thursday from 8:10 – 17:50, and Friday and Saturday it is open from 8:10 – 13:50. Materials may be requested from Monday through Friday from 8:10 – 13:00. The reading room has a specialist available from 9:00 – 13:50. The specialist is available upon request between 8:10 – 9:00 and 13:50 – 17:50.

Resources Offered:
The library has over 71,000 titles including history (Veneto, religious, general), palaeography, and legal works. There is a special emphasis on archives pertaining to the history of the Venetian Republic from its fall through the 1880s.

Terms of Access:
Patrons must fill out an application and request access to the archives. Valid ID is required and patrons may not have a criminal record. Applicants must provide the topic and time period of their research and commit to donating a copy of their finished work (thesis, book, dissertation, etc.) to the library. Students must also present a letter from their professor.

Reproductions services/policies:
Scholars may request that certain items be photocopied or photographed in the photo reproduction department. The department takes requests Monday through Saturday from 9:30 – 12:30. For more information, refer to the Requests for Reproduction page. The materials that may be copied are limited, including works before 1800, parchment, maps above size A3. The full list can be found at the Photo Reproduction Limits page.

Closing Dates:
The library is closed in August — in 2011, the dates were the 8th through the 20th. It is also closed November 21.

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