List of Current Members

All current members of the Italian Art Society are displayed on this alphabetical list. If you do not see your name, please renew your membership. If you need to make changes or update your profile, please review your membership information. Questions regarding membership status should be directed to the Membership Coordinator. Please note that there may be a lag time between when you join for the first time and when your name appears here. If you would like confirmation as to whether your information has been received, please contact the Webmaster. To confirm receipt of payment, please contact the Treasurer. Changes to existing member information take effect immediately.

To navigate this list, which is intended to help IAS members gain a sense of the landscape of Italian art studies and to locate colleagues working in areas of mutual interest, drag your cursor over the list to scroll up and down, or use your search features (usually Ctrl-F) to locate a particular person or topic. Questions regarding how to use this list should be directed to the Webmaster.