January 30, 2018
An extensive fresco program remains mostly intact in the crypt of Aquileia Cathedral, a UNESCO site in the Province of Udine.

January 9, 2018
Although much of what remains from medieval Italy is found within the superficial built environment, most notably the plethora of extant basilicas across the peninsula, the town of Massafra in the Salento region houses distinct domestic and ecclesiastic spaces.

December 19, 2017
In the Forum Romanum, the fifth-century church Santa Maria Antiqua houses the only extant example in Rome of the Maria Regina wearing the loros , a significant garment that distinguished imperial figures.

November 7, 2017
Santi Quattro Coronati houses a plethora of frescoes that provide a glimpse into the political, social, and intellectual lives of thirteenth-century Rome during a tumultuous and unstable period.

October 17, 2017
San Vincenzo al Volturno is home to an eighth-century Benedictine monastery located in the Province of Isernia.

October 3, 2017
Today’s post is a travel tip for anyone planning on venturing to Rome in the near and/or more distant future!

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