Taddeo Zuccaro died on this day in 1566 in Rome, one day after his thirty-seventh birthday. Born in the Marches and trained by his father, Taddeo moved to Rome at fourteen, where he came to know the works of Raphael, Correggio, and Parmagianino. His Mannerist style, derived also from the work of Michelangelo, drew praise and commissions for facade paintings, frescoes, and altarpieces. Works left unfinished at his death were completed by his younger brother Federico (d. 1609). Taddeo was buried near his hero Raphael in the Roman Pantheon.

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Further reading: Taddeo and Federico Zuccaro: Artist-Brothers in Renaissance Rome by Julian Brooks et al. (2007).

The Martyrdom of Saint Paul, ca. 1557-8. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Robert Lehman Collection, 1975.

Royal Entry of Emperor Charles V, Francis I of France, and Alessandro Cardinal Farnese into Paris, Villa Farnese, 1559, Caprarola.

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