June 22, 2022
11th IAS/Kress Lecture

June 21, 2022
Allegories of Summer in Italian Art

June 17, 2022
11th Annual IAS/Kress Lecture – Reminder

June 16, 2022
Today is the Feast of Corpus Christi (Body of Christ or Corpus Domini) celebrated in the Western Church since 1246 on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday .

June 12, 2022
Today is Trinity Sunday, celebrated in the Western Church on the first Sunday after Pentecost as a day to focus on the doctrine that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit at once.

June 5, 2022
The Feast Day of Pentecost is celebrated in the Western Church as the day when the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus’s disciples, giving them “tongues of fire” that enabled them to preach the gospel in multiple languages.

May 26, 2022
Today is the feast day of the Ascension, marking the last appearance of Jesus on earth after his Resurrection at Easter.

April 20, 2022
International Conference at the University of Trento, 26-28 May, 2022.

April 18, 2022
The Monday following Easter Sunday is a religious holiday in Italy.

April 17, 2022
The First Easter Sunday Illustrated in Early Modern Italian Painting

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