Grants & Opportunities

The IAS seeks to promote the creation and dissemination of new knowledge regarding Italian art of all time periods.  Central to this mission is support for scholars at all facets of their careers.  To this end, the IAS provides travel grants to support graduate students, junior scholars, and international scholars presenting at any of the conferences where the IAS sponsors sessions, though the recipient does not have to participate in a society-sponsored session to receive a grant. The IAS also offers research and publication grants to fund or subsidize a research trip or publication costs.

In 2015, the IAS created several new research grants, the first competition for which took place in January 2016. The new IAS Dissertation Research Grant is awarded to students who have advanced to candidacy. Correspondingly, eligibility for the IAS Research & Publication Grant is now restricted to those who already hold the Ph.D. Recipients of the two Fogliano/Lester awards are selected from among the pool of applicants for the Dissertation and Research & Publication grants. Each of the four awards is for $1000.00. In 2016, there were thirteen applicants for the Dissertation grant and eighteen for the Research and Publication grant.

The IAS has also compiled a list of outside funding sources for research in Italy or on Italian topics.  Information on prizes and awards for which members are eligible is also available, and we encourage members to nominate studies in Italian art for these competitions.

Information about research resources as well as opportunities to travel or work in Italy can be found on our Research & Resources page.

The IAS posts calls for papers for conferences and publications on all aspects of Italian art from antiquity to the present. Please send your call, including any relevant fliers, to the webmaster.

The IAS bulletin board serves as a meeting place where members can post research questions, find research and employment opportunities, or seek assistance with overseas living arrangements.  Finally, information on visas and other practical matters can be found on the Research & Resources page.

Members are encouraged to send information on grants, fellowships, and awards not already listed in these pages to the webmaster. Please include a brief explanation of the grant/award, the URL for the relevant website, and the application deadline.