Starting today, Monday, January 6, 2014, CAA members may vote in the organization’s online election. In addition to its annual slate of candidates to be considered for service on the Board of Directors, CAA requests your vote on a proposed amendment to the CAA By-laws.

The amendment grows out of a detailed analysis of CAA’s current membership structure, and reflects the results of a recent member survey evaluating the most highly valued aspects of membership. Based on this study, designed in part to assess the needs of contingent faculty, the Board of Directors determined that it made sense to streamline the numerous categories of membership now in place and to develop a structure based on benefits rather than on income. Some of the new benefits that will be made available include online journal access, additional online access to a non-CAA publication published by Taylor & Francis (the new co-publisher of CAA’s journals), and JPASS access at a fifty percent discount, as well as discounted, part-time membership for contingent faculty.

Because changing the membership categories requires amending the By-laws, the board unanimously adopted a resolution at its October 27, 2013 meeting recommending the amendment to the By-laws. The board believes that this change will benefit members and sustain the services CAA provides. The amendment also provides for flexibility in enabling CAA to make further changes to the membership structure as may be deemed desirable in the future.

CAA encourages you to review the proposed amendment to the By-laws and urges you to cast your vote today.

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