Today, September 19, is the feast day of St. Januarius, better known as San Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples believed to protect the city from volcanic eruptions.  Gennaro was an early Christian martyr and bishop of Naples. He is best known in the USA for the San Gennaro festival held annually in Little Italy in New York — a tradition begun in the early 20th century by Italian immigrants.

Caravaggio, St. Januarius Displaying his Relics, 1607. New York, Morton B. Harris collection.

Artemesia Gentilleschi, The Martyrdom of St. Januarius in the Amphitheater at Pozzuoli, c. 1636-7. Naples: Capodimonte.

Luca Giordano, The Martyrdom of St. Januarius, ca. 1690. London: The National Gallery

Neri di Bicci, The Martyrdom of San Gennaro, 15th century. Private collection.

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