By Alexis Culotta

Late Baroque sculptor Angelo de Rossi died 12 June 1715.  A native of Genoa, de Rossi first apprenticed with Genoese master sculptor Filippo Parodi and moved to Rome in the closing years of the 1680s to continue his career. It was in Rome that de Rossi received some of his most illustrious commissions and appointments. This included his installation as court sculptor for Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni, who commissioned de Rossi to create the tomb for his grand uncle, Pope Alexander VIII, in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Agony in the Garden, c. 1700, National Gallery, Washington D.C.

Tomb of Pope Alexander VIII (completed by Giuseppe Bertosi), 1704, by St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome.

St. James the Less, Basilica of St. John Lateran, Rome.

Saint John the Baptist (cast by Giuseppe de Levis), late 1500s, Cleveland Museum of Art.

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