By Martina Tanga

The Futurist painter Pippo Oriani was born on 25 June 1909 in Turin. Born the same year the Futurist Manifesto was published in Le Figaro, Oriani joined the movement in its second iteration in the late 1920s. He established a friendship with the painter Gino Severini and visited him in Paris between 1930 and 1936. There Oriani worked on paintings that celebrated the dynamism and velocity of the airplane, a style known as “Aeropittura.” His aerial landscapes also appear to have been influenced by Metaphysical Painting and Surrealist landscapes. Oriani had been trained as an architect, and after WWII he gave up painting to work as an architect and interior designer. He only returned to painting in the late 1950s, reworking some of his earlier canvases and also creating new ones with similar a subject matter.

Aeropittura, 1932, Oil on Canvas, private collection

Study for Aeropittura, 1930, Mixed media on cardboard, private collection

La Donna della Fabbrica, 1935, Oil on Canvas, Private Collection.

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