By Martina Tanga

The Mannerist painter Jacopo Zanguidi from Parma, also known as Bertòja, was born on this day in 1544. His mature work shows the strong influence of Parmigianino, also a native of Parma. Zanguidi worked for the Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, and the decoration of the Sala dei Sogni, Sala dei Giudici, and Sala del Baccio in the Palazzo del Giardino in Parma have finally been attributed to him. There has been some debate over the true hand of Zanguidi, as certain sections of the frescos in these rooms have also been attributed to  the painter Girolamo Mirola from Bologna. He painted this Fantastic Landscape just four years before his death; the dark tones and compositional uncertainty have a foreboding effect. 

Sala del Baccio, 1566-71, Fresco, Palazzo del Giardino, Parma

Venus led by Love with adonis death, c. 1560-1566, oil on canvas, Louvre Museum, Paris

Fantastic Landscape, 1570, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Ancient Art, Rome

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