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Lombard architect and sculptor Giovanni Antonio Amadeo died on 28 August 1522 in Milan. He was in his 70s. Active in Bergamo, Cremona, Milan, and Pavia, Amadeo was a leading proponent of all’antica design and dominated late fifteenth-century Lombard architecture and sculpture. Among his celebrated works are his contributions to the splendid funerary chapel for Bartolomeo Colleoni in Bergamo, which had been begun by his teacher Francesco Solari and his brother Guiniforte. Amadeo undertook a number of projects for members of the Sforza family, including decoration for Milan Cathedral, the Certosa of Pavia, and the Ospedale Maggiore of Milan.

Reference: Richard Schofield and Janice Shell. “Amadeo, Giovanni Antonio.” Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. Oxford University Press. .

Bust of Giovanni Antonio Amadeo, on “Amadeo’s Little Spire”, c. 1507–1510, Cathedral, Milan.

West façade, 1492–99, Certosa, Pavia.

Tomb of Bartolomeo Colleoni, 1472–76, Colleoni Chapel, Bergamo.

Relief depicting the adoring angels, ca. 1500, marble. London: Victoria and Albert Museum.

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