By Alexis Culotta

“Raphael’s Collaborations” Symposium a Smashing Success

Today’s symposium at the Worcester Art Museum (WAM), “Raphael’s Collaborations,” offered invigorating discussion by some of the leading scholars in the field of Raphael studies, including a compelling presentation by IAS President Sheryl Reiss on Raphael’s patronal networks in Florence in the early years of the 16th century. 

This symposium was held in conjunction with the pairing of Raphael’s Small Cowper Madonna from the National Gallery of Art in Washington with the enigmatic Northbrook Madonna from the WAM.  While some of the talks grappled with the potential authorship of this latter work and the collaboration that might have yielded it, overall discussion expanded into a fascinating dissection of Raphael’s production between Urbino, Florence, and Rome. 

Missed the symposium? Take a look at the topics of today’s talks here. There is still time to take in this remarkable pairing as well: the works remain on display together at the WAM through September 27, 2015.

Raphael, The Small Cowper Madonna, 1505. National Gallery of Art (Photographed as installed at the Worcester Museum of Art).

“Raphael’s Collaborations” moderator Jon Seydl, WAM’s Director of Curatorial Affairs and Curator of European Art, along with presenters Linda Wolk-Simon, Yvonne Elet, Sheryl Reiss, and Lisa Pon

The Northbrook Madonna, early 1500s. Worcester Art Museum.

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