By Alexis Culotta

24 November marks the Feast Day of Saint Chrysogonus, the patron saint of the city of Zadar, Croatia. Though little is known assuredly about the life of Saint Chrysogonus, his legend suggests that he was once a Roman soldier who was persecuted and eventually martyred on 23 November 304 CE during the persecutions of Roman Emperor Diocletian

When word of Chrysogonus’ Christian conversion and teachings spread to Diocletian, the Emperor imprisoned Chrysogonus and later condemned the soldier to death. Chrysonogus was beheaded and thrown in the sea near the city of Aquileia, today near the border between Italy and Slovenia. Veneration of Chrysogonus came shortly following his demise, with his titular church in Rome recorded as early as 499 CE. The current Church of Saint Chrysogonus, located in Trastevere, was rebuilt in the 12th century under a commission by Scipione Borghese and designed by architect Giovanni Battista Soria.

Michele Giambono, Saint Chrysogonus on Horseback, c. 1450. Church of San Trovaso, Venice. 

Giovanni Battista Soria, Church of Saint Chrysogonus, rebuilt 12th century. Trastevere, Rome.

Interior, Church of Saint Crysogonus, rebuilt 12th century. Trastevere, Rome.

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (Guercino), The Glory of Saint Chrysogonus,1622. Ceiling, Church of San Crysogonus, Trastevere, Rome.

Saint Chrysogonus,c. 6th century. Bishop’s Palace, Ravenna, Italy. 

Church of Saint Chrysogonus, 12th century. Zadar, Croatia. 

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