By Alexis Culotta

The arrival of an artist and an art historian: Gian (or Giovan) Paolo Lomazzo was born 26 April 1538 in Milan. Getting his name from his family’s hometown of Lomazzo (they had relocated to Milan shortly before Giovan’s birth), Giovan trained under Gaudenzio Ferrari and Giovan Battista della Cerva, following which he branched out on his own. 

He achieved early success as painter, but the onset of complete blindness in 1571 ended his artistic aims. Instead, he turned to writing about art, publishing his pivotal text, Trattato della pittura, in 1584. He continued to write thereafter, publishing both Rime in 1589 and Idea del tempo della pittura in 1590. He died two years later, on 27 January 1592.  

Further Reading: 

Roberto Ciarsdi, “LOMAZZO, Giovanni Paolo.” Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani, vol. 65 (2005). 

Self Portrait, circa 1568. Oil on canvas. Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan. 

Study of a Prophet, no date. Black chalk with traces of red chalk, University Art Museum, Princeton. 

Saint Peter and the Fall of Simon Magus, 1571. Capella Foppa, San Marco, Milan. 

Angels in Glory, 1571. Capella Foppa, San Marco, Milan. 

Study for Allegory of the Lenten Feast, c. 1567. Piacenza. 

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