By Anne Leader

Today, June 24th, is the Feast Day of St. John the Baptist. The patron saint of Florence, John is honored with numerous works of art throughout the city, above all at the Baptistery, decorated with mosaics, bronze reliefs, and figural sculpture that celebrate the life of the saint.

Andrea Pisano, Naming of St. John, St. John Leaves Home, Salome Presenting the Head of St. John to Herodias, gilded bronze, 1330, Florence, Baptistery

Coppo di Marcovaldo and others, Mosaics, 13th-14th century, Florence Baptistery

Gian Francesco Rustici, Baptist Preaching, bronze,  1506-11, Florence, Baptistery (Museo del Opera del Duomo)

Vincenzo Danti, Beheading of St John the Baptist, 1569-71, bronze, Florence, Baptistery (Museo del Opera del Duomo)

Andrea del Verrocchio, Beheading of the Baptist, 1477-80, silver, Florence, Baptistery (Museo del Opera del Duomo)

Fra Filippo Lippi, Scenes from the Life of St. John the Baptist, 1452-65, fresco, Prato Cathedral

Lorenzo Ghiberti, St. John the Baptist, bronze, 1412-16, Florence, Orsanmichele

Leonardo da Vinci, St. John the Baptist, oil on panel, Paris, Louvre

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