By Anne Leader

Neoclassical artist Vincenzo Camuccini died on 2 September 1844 in Rome. He was seventy-three. Like his older brother Pietro, Vincenzo trained in the studio of Domenico Corvi and avidly studied the works of Renaissance masters like Michelangelo and Raphael as well as ancient works of art. He was also influenced by contemporaries like Anton Raphael Mengs, Gavin Hamilton, and Jacques-Louis David.

Reference: Lucinda Lubbock. “Camuccini.” Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. Oxford University Press.

Further reading Vita Di Vincenzo Camuccini, E Pochi Studi Sulla Pittura Contemporanea by Carlo Falconieri (2012); Vincenzo Camuccini pittore neoclassico by Luca Verdone (2005).old

Roman Women Offering Their Jewellery in Defence of the State, c. 1825-29. Glasgow Museums.

The Death of Julius Caesar, c. 1825-29. Glasgow Museums.

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