Painter, writer, and composer Primo Conti died 12 November 1988 in Fiesole. Born in Florence October 1900, Conti was by age 13 a precocious Futurist, already having published musical compositions and exhibited paintings with Umberto Boccioni and Ardengo Soffici.

By age 17 Conti had made numerous contributions to L’Italia futurista, of which he became editor before being drafted in 1918. After World War I, Conti’s literary interests were reflected in his periodicals Il centone (1919) and L’enciclopedia (1920-23). Family life, with marriage in 1931 followed by the birth of two daughters, inspired a number of works rich in personal and poetic content:

Official recognition in the later 1930s culminated in a professorship (1941) at the Florentine Accademia di Belle Arti. Long before it enjoyed a popular resurgence, Conti revisited Futurism. In 1979 Conti established the Centro Documentario Avanguardie Storiche, Fondazione Primo Conti in Fiesole to house his collection and archive of the Italian avant-garde.

Following his death, Conti was laid to rest in the chapel located in the park of the Foundation, beside his wife Munda Cripps (1913- 2003).

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Further Reading: Italo Mussa and  Gabriel  Millet. Primo Conti: opere recenti. Florence: Centro Tornabuoni Galleria D’Arte Moderna Internazionale, 1983.

Autoritratto, 1949. Fondazione Primo Conti.

Bagnante, 1923. Fondazione Primo Conti.

Donna su vaso, 1917. Fondazione Primo Conti.

La modellina, 1935. Fondazione Primo Conti.

Senza titolo, 1970. Fondazione Primo Conti.

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