By Alexis Culotta

Sculptor Antonio Giorgetti died 24 December 1669 in Rome. Born in the same city in 1635, Giorgetti first trained alongside his brother, Gioseppe, and under his father, Giovanni Maria, a sculptor who worked for the Apostolic Camera and who assisted in the development of Giorgetti’s first works (the earliest work on which Giorgetti purportedly participated dates to 1643).

Later, Giorgetti studied under Alessandro Algardi and soon after developed his own workshop with his brother in the mid- to late 1650s. By the following decade, the Giorgetti brothers were some of the illustrious few – among them the acclaimed Gianlorenzo Bernini – who had gained the favor of Cardinal Francesco Barberini. Giorgetti reaped the rewards of such commissions until just prior to his death, at which point his brother assumed the management of the workshop. 

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Further Reading: 
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Angel with the Sponge, 1668-1669. Marble. Ponte Sant’Angelo, Rome. 

Head of an Angel, 1668. Terra cotta. State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg. 

Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian (possibly Gioseppe?), 17th century. Marble. San Sebastiano four le Mura, Rome. 

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